Условия пользования сайтом

В соответствии с положениями закона 34/2002 от 11 июля, об услугах компании, работающей в сфере информации как виртуальное предприятие, ООО Ламар Пропертис информирует Вас о том, что является владелицей веб-сайта www.lamarproperties.com, согласно положениям статьи 10 вышеупомянутого закона. Мы информируем Вас о том, что владельцем настоящей веб-страницы является ООО ЛАМАР ПРОПЕРТИС с ИНН B92808690 и юридическим адресом: жилой комплекс Торре Реаль, Атенеа 1, Марбелья 29603 (Малага), Испания, зарегистрированное в Торговом Реестре № 5 г. Малаги, в томе 4225, книге 3135, листе 65, странице MA-89096, регистрационная запись 1. Электронный адрес для контакта с компанией: info@lamarproperties.com

Мы информируем вас о том, что перевод содержания страниц, предоставляющих информацию об объектах, при переводе на русский язык может быть неточным, поэтому для получения более точной информации мы рекомендуем Вам читать описания объектов на английском или испанском языках. ООО ЛАМАР ПРОПЕРТИС не несет ответственность за возможные ошибки или неточности в текстах общего характера и в описаниях объектов.

Ниже приводятся условия пользования сайтом на английском языке:

User and liability regime
Navigation, access and use of the websites of LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L. confers the status of user, so that, through browsing all pages of the website, LAMAR PROPERTIES SL, all the conditions of use set forth herein are accepted without prejudice to the application of the relevant legal enforceable regulations as appropriate.

The web pages of LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L. provide a wide variety of information, services and data. The user assumes responsibility for the proper use of the websites. This responsibility extends to:

— The accuracy and legality of the information provided by the user in the forms issued by LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L. for access to certain content or services offered by the websites. The user will also be responsible for the use of passwords obtained through the completion of the forms mentioned.

— The use of the information, services and data offered by LAMAR PROPERTIES, SL in opposition to the provisions of these conditions, the law, morals, good customs or public order, or which in any other way harm the rights of third parties or the operation of the websites.

— LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L. takes all possible measures to maintain the accuracy of the information stated on its websites. However, due to the large amount of data being used, it cannot be held responsible for any error or omission.

Linking policy and disclaimers
LAMAR PROPERTIES S. L. is not responsible for the content of web pages to which the user may access through the links provided on its websites and declares that in no case shall examine or exercise any control over the content of other Web pages.

It also does not guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, reliability, validity or legality of pages outside its own web pages which may be accessed through the links.

LAMAR PROPERTIES S. L. declares to have adopted all the necessary measures to avoid any damages that may arise to users of its websites from browsing its web pages. Accordingly, Lamar Properties, S.L. is not liable, under any circumstances, for any damage that the user may suffer from browsing the internet.

LAMAR PROPERTIES S. L. reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate, without notice, in the content of its websites. Both in relation to the contents of the websites, and in the conditions of use of the same or in the general conditions of contract. Such modifications may be made through their websites, in any manner permitted by law, and must be complied with during the time they are published on the website, and until they are amended by subsequent valid websites.

Use of cookies
LAMAR PROPERTIES S. L. reserves the right to use cookies during the user’s navigation through their websites to facilitate customization and ease of navigation.

Following the data protection policy of the company, LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L. reports that cookies are associated with the anonymous user and its computer, and do not provide the full name of the user.

The user has the ability to configure his/her browser to detect the receipt of cookies, and may, if desired, prevent them from being installed on his/her hard drive. However, for access to the websites of LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L. the installation of cookies is not necessary.

In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data, LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L. informs users of their websites that the personal data collected by the company through the site’s forms, will be entered into an automated file under the responsibility of LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L., in order to facilitate, expedite and fulfill the commitments established between both parties.

Likewise, LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L. informs of the possibility of exercising rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition by writing an email to info@lamarproperties.com

Until you inform us otherwise, we understand that your data has not been modified, and that you agree to notify any change and that we have your consent to use your data in order to retain the relationship between the parties.

Intellectual property
The rights of intellectual property arising from all text, images, as well as ways and means of presentation and layout of their pages are, by itself or as an assignee, the property of LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L. They will therefore be protected as intellectual property by the Spanish legal system, being applicable both Spanish and EU regulations in this field, such as international treaties relating to the matter and signed by Spain. All rights reserved. In compliance with the Intellectual Property Law, it expressly prohibits the reproduction, distribution, public communication and use, of all or part of the contents of its Web pages without the express written consent of LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L.

Legal actions, applicable law and jurisdiction
LAMAR PROPERTIES S. L. also reserves the right to bring civil or criminal actions deemed appropriate by the misuse of its web pages and content, or for breach of these conditions. The relationship between the user and LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L. shall be governed by the Spanish legislation and be competent to decide on any dispute that may arise between you and LAMAR PROPERTIES S.L., the courts or tribunals of the city of Malaga in Spain.