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Appointing the right agent and properly evaluating your property are key factors in selling. Advice on taxes and expenses incurred when selling a property in Spain are also important matters that you should consider when deciding to sell.

Iván Candela de Prat

As our client, Lamar Properties will market your property using all the best possible strategies. These will include being present on our data system as well as on our website. Your property will have access to our network of well established agencies, locally and internationally, and take part in any promotional campaign we undertake.

At Lamar Properties, we focus on luxury residential properties. In order to appraise your property, we will carefully analyse it, taking into consideration several factors, like the real estate market situation, the neighbourhood, principal characteristics, comparable properties on the market at the time or that have recently been sold. With this information we will give you an estimation of the selling price.

For very exclusive properties, we can organise specific marketing actions to enhance your presence in the market. Such as advertising your property in locally and internationally renowned magazines, organising professional photo shoots and/or video tours of your property, printing a brochure that would be distributed to potential clients and other real estate agencies, and participation in promotional campaigns.

Get in contact with us for a personal appointment in order to put your property on the market as soon as possible.

Expenses and taxes when selling a property in Spain

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